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Cremation Services

Cremation can be a very personal and deeply meaningful way to remember your loved one. At Heritage Funeral Directors, we offer a variety of cremation services. You have the option of having the ashes placed in a small, attractive urn to take with you as a memorable keepsake. Or perhaps your loved one wished to have their ashes scattered along their favorite hiking trail. Whatever special way you have in mind to pay tribute, we’ll help make it a beautiful occasion.

Our cremation package with its prices is listed below. If needed, you may customize your package however you see fit.

Direct Cremation
Our package includes the following services:
  • Professional service of our funeral director
  • Removal of remains
  • Care of remains
  • Transport to crematory
  • Crematory fees
  • Temporary urn
  • Coroner authorizations
Pre-Plan Online
Because Of 
The Times....
(includes sales tax)
Includes Removal Of Remains
Professional Services Of 
Funeral Directors
Coroner Authorizations
Care Of Remains
Alternative Cremation Container
Transport To Crematory
Crematory Fees
Temporary Urn
(Does not include death certificates, press notice, urn, ceremonies, or any other cash advances)

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